An Important Message To Our Members

June 22nd, 2012

I would like to thank everyone for their patience over the past month as we've worked with our legal team, the SEC, and Federal Authorities regarding Senen Pousa, ProphetMax, IB Capital, Global Forex Management, etc...

Serving our Members and our mission are what we value above all else, which is why I have decided to personally file a Class Action lawsuit today against multiple parties. Any and all funds recovered will be disseminated to investors. I will be funding 100% of the legal fees.

Please listen to the following message from my attorney, Jeff Tillotson.

As of this morning, I have sent IBCapital a request to withdrawal and return my remaining funds.

More information will come in the weeks ahead, but if you joined ProphetMax through EVG, I would like to know.

I've set up a simple form that will help me gather your information.

Please click here to submit your information


Mike Dillard